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Short Text Videos



Requires up to 12 working days


About this Product:

Online Shoppers are turning to Video ads for product & service information. As a result, YouTube gets thousands of browsing consumers within local neighborhoods every day! Google moves with public demand and is currently focusing on Enhanced Websites and Videos. Our Videos can bring in 5-20 new leads per month for a Small Business! Once we create your Text Video, you can place it on Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to bring in more traffic! The multi-use of one Text Video is smart and frugal Online Marketing! Due to the high expense of a Text Video, we make this product available to Small Businesses for only $579 ($699 value) This is what you will receive:
  1. HD 1080p resolution video
  2. 100% copyright ownership and use
  3. Standard .mp4 output format
  4. Minimum 60 seconds of text information
  5. Animation of logo, sub-heading, or slogan
  6. 4 revisions
  7. A Website Hyperlink
  8. Three 5-Star Positive Reviews
  9. Link connections
  10. Music – 2 choices