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About this Product:

Did you know that Facebook is now the Number 1 place consumers turn to when searching for a product or service? That’s great news if your company already has a Facebook page but here’s the catch… Facebook gives priority to showing the pages of Businesses that have active pages. And Facebook defines ‘active’ as a new post every day. In other words, if you’re not posting to your page every day, your potential buyers are probably not going to see your page when they do their search. And that means a loss of income for your business. You need new posts on your Facebook page every day to get new clients from it. But how do you do that when you’re busy taking care of your current customers, and prospecting for more? Our agency can do it for you by posting informative tips, suggestions & graphics to your site every day. We normally charge a monthly service fee of $329, with a setup fee of $139. But if you purchase the service through this Website, we will wave the $139 setup fee and lower the monthly fee to $239. It’s a simple 3-step process of signing you up, going into your Facebook page and start posting daily, relational info & graphics within 5-work days. If you want potential customers to see your Facebook page instead of your competitors’ page you need to sign up for our Facebook Posting Service. Please know that posting on Facebook can make a huge impact when it comes to attracting & converting casual website browsers into ACTUAL buying customers! Monthly Posting Service Fee includes:
  1. We plug in to your Facebook page
  2. We place your Enhanced Website hyper link on your Profile
  3. We place 5-Star Reviews on your Profile
  4. We write daily posts on your site Monday-Friday
Facebook Posting Service – $329 monthly Setup: $139 one-time fee Requires up to 7 workdays. We use PayPal for secured payments and monthly debiting.