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Today’s consumers want firsthand experience with merchants that offer the services and products they are seeking. An Enhanced Website is an excellent place to get social by providing optimized content such as product-related blogs, featured property, or visuals to engage prospects. An Enhanced Website can also get linked to public sites that have Google-friendly keywords used in searches that drive the most traffic!

Building a high tech, interactive Enhanced Website, involves Four Key SEO Ranking Facets:

  1. Page Speed & Mobile Friendliness – Websites with fast loading times deliver a better user experience. Google prioritizes mobile-optimized sites which is why it is integral for a website to be well-optimized on a variety of screen sizes.
  2. Security & Accessibility –Ensuring a website is up to date with the latest security measures (such as HTTPS) and making it accessible will help a website show up higher in search results.
  3. Technical SEO – This refers to the technical elements of websites that help visibility. Examples include header tags to show content hierarchy, optimized metadata, alternative text for images, schema markup, and established URLs.
  4. Optimized Content – Providing users with useful, high-quality, and local content optimizes a website. Keyword-rich, well-optimized, and original content are characteristics that rank higher in searches.

By taking these SEO ranking constituents into prominence, an Enhanced Website will comply with Google algorithms, public sites will perform well in search engines, and users will want to use them. Besides being Google compliant, our Enhanced Websites are competitive, interactive, attractive, and user friendly, all of which creates a great User Experience! And having a Great User Experience is what drives today’s consumer traffic!

Unfortunately, Google ranked Websites cost a fortune. We mulled over that actuality and determined that since an Enhanced Website is essential to Online Marketing, we would price ours at only $999… which is a low cost for an Online Marketing Tool of that caliber. In fact, it is a total steal when you consider the individual cost of each feature:

  • Competitive Design – Trendy appearance and interactive for direct contact or purchasing ($599 value)
  • Optimization – Technically optimized for proportionate mobile device viewing on all brands ($199 value)
  • Positive Reviews – Three 5-Star Google approved, Positive Reviews ($299 value)
  • Hyper Link – Connects Visitors from Public Sites – ($99 value)

An Enhanced Website is a Major Digital Marketing Tool needed to compete Online… you would be in grave error to undermine its role.

Enhanced Website – $999

Requires up to 10 workdays.

We use PayPal for secured payments.