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About this Product:

A high-quality Website is necessary for a Small Business but without Content Optimization, it will lack the ability to attract and connect with prospects. Content Optimization is the process of writing key words and relational content that targets a specific audience. GOOGLE is the largest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the world. SEO is the process used to optimize websites or video’s technical configuration and content relevance so its pages can be easily found. SEO is the process of making your site better for search engines… it is what helps people find your site. The goal of website optimization is to drive leads to it, increase conversation rates, and ultimately increase your overall revenue!   Our websites have features valued at over $1,700!
  • Responsive Design – Competitive, interactive, user friendly ($799 and up)
  • Content Optimization – Associated keywords, meta and title tags, and relevant links. ($649 value)
  • Positive Reviews – Three 5-Star Positive Reviews GOOGLE looks for on content and profiles ($159 value)
  • Social Media Links – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, ($139 value)
Besides being GOOGLE compliant, our Websites have modern designs and are user friendly!