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Email is one of the most effective ways to gain and follow up with your customers. But most Small Businesses fail to do this because they don’t have a way to collect the contact information of visitors at their sites. Installing an Autoresponder on your Website and Profiles could do that for you. If you’re not familiar with an Autoresponder, it captures the Email address of browsers at your Website or Local Profiles. This data collection is a goldmine to Small Businesses because it creates long-term relationships and sales. The information an Autoresponder collects is a clever way for your business to build an Email list to offer ongoing discounts to customers!

You can obtain an Autoresponder @ Aweber is a popular & affordable Autoresponder provider used by Small Businesses. Just click this link and you will be taken to their site where you will undergo a brief enrolling process. When you get the technical information from them you will send it to us for installation on your site. There is a one-time $99 installation fee we charge but if you purchase an Enhanced Website from us, you will get the Installation completely FREE!

Autoresponder Installation – $99 one-time fee

Requires up to 10 workdays.

We use PayPal for secured payments.