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Small Businesses are discovering having a Facebook Page to be beneficial. A Facebook Page is a site where celebrities, artists, public figures, businesses, brands, and organizations can connect with their fans or potential customers. Most people get a Facebook Account/Profile for personal, social communications, but a Facebook Page can help a business establish an Online Presence.

A more recent Social Media term is Mega Influencer. They are individuals with large followings on Facebook, that receive specified clout and attention. These Social Media Influencers established themselves as experts on specific topics or products and gathered thousands of followers that listen to what they say. In fact, an Influencer’s review or opinion on the group’s main topic holds weight like that of a Celebrity. An Influencer, or a member of the group, can present interesting articles, blogs, or reviews pertaining to their topic, services, or products. When someone likes or follows a Facebook Page Influencer, they can start seeing updates from that Page in their Feed. Entrepreneurs are turning to Social Media Influencers to promote their services or products to their large groups. There are Four Essential Elements a Facebook Page needs to gain followers and hold a popular position on Facebook. A Small Business would be wise to learn these factors and put them into use.