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$429 / One-time fee

Requires up to 8 workdays

Reputation Management has become essential to Small Business Owners with the emergence of review sites like If you do not know about, it is a local business directory site where customers can leave reviews. For a local business, the quality of the reviews on sites like can mean the difference between having visitors at your site or not. A listing is free, but a business would have to claim and maintain it to gain its benefits. Unfortunately, thousands of Small Businesses do not claim, update, nor manage their reviews on Yelp due to a lack of time. Thousands of Small Businesses have gotten a bad reputation because of their neglected site or negative reviews on

There are Five Primary Benefits to claiming a business on

  1. Immediately update business information like menus, discounts, hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses, all of which are vital to generate more customers from that site.
  2. Respond to reviews and message-disgruntled customers. This allows a business to have bad reviews removed, or at least explained publicly.
  3. See the customer leads their Website generates…. leads that the business would otherwise miss.
  4. Direct linking of visiting browsers to your Enhanced Website.
  5. Capture the Email Contact Information of a visitor with an Autoresponder to later solicit.

You can claim your business listing on for free, but you must take time to daily check and update your Profile. We understand time can be a big problem, but statistics show negative reviews can come from not claiming or ignoring a site. Thousands of Small Businesses have even closed their doors due to bad reviews on Having a positive reputation on can be to your overall marketing advantage if you claim, update, protect, manage, and monitor your Public Profile daily.

Two Benefits of Reputation Management through are:

  1. Your Enhanced Website is linked to your Public Profile
  2. Placement of Three 5-Star Positive Reviews on your Yelp Profile

We charge a one-time fee of $429 dollars and a $139 linking installation fee. But if you purchase an Enhanced Website through this site, we will waive the $139 dollars installation cost. The daily monitoring of your site will make a dramatic difference in the number of customers coming in your door. We believe when you see this difference, you will be willing to refer us to your business colleagues! Once you order this service, we will immediately claim your listing, place Three 5-Star Reviews on it, and Link it to your Enhanced Website.

Reputation Management and – $429

Installation: $429 one-time fee

Requires up to 8 workdays.

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