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Requires up to 10 workdays.

To say the Real Estate Industry is densely competitive is an understatement. The proof is known by the 87% failure rate recently indicated by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). It is true that thousands of real estate agents are dropping out for competitive reasons but also because of an inflated economy, a global pandemic, and excessive costs of Internet Leads.

When comparing themselves to a seasoned dealer, newer agents do lack RE experience, but a greater deficiency is a lack of online marketing knowledge. Today’s agents need to build both social proof and social wealth to sway a Home Buyer or Home Seller because when these consumers are making a buying (or selling) decision, they look at four primary things:

  1. Engaging Digital Content to research a product or service.
  2. Positive Reviews to gain trust in the agent.
  3. Perceived Trust in the product or service.
  4. Trust in the brand.

Living in an online digital society with consumers that crave engaging digital content and online trust, makes it mandatory for an agent to have a positive online presence and be online media versed. If an independent agent wants to gain the confidence of RE seekers, they must go to where these prospects are, use digital tools, have a positive online presence, and possess online marketing knowledge with modern, innovative solutions. GOOGLE is proving that by currently only sending real estate prospects to Videos and Websites that are GOOGLE optimized and have Positive Reviews! That fact alone is enough to crush a newer agent since most do not even own an Enhanced Website… a major Online Marketing Tool!

If you are a real estate agent in an agency, you may think their website sufficiently exposes you, but it does not. Relying upon an agency’s website, or brand, limits an agent’s personal name exposure, direct contact, and opportunity to introduce digital resultants. Yet, thousands of agents rely solely upon a firm’s website for their online representation. At the onset they are at the disadvantage of being seen primarily because incoming Leads are given to in-house top selling dealers.

To help struggling agents compete in this dog-eat-dog scenario we created the REAL ESTATE AGENTS VIDEO PROMO©, a step-by-step, digital marketing program, expressly designed for agents lacking online marketing skills and adequate advertising budgets. The program is a 34-page digital tutorial highlighting major topics and strategies associated with online marketing. Its first feature is a SHORT PROPERTY VIDEO, a favored online marketing tool Internet users love to research products or services. The SHORT PROPERTY VIDEO showcases six photos of a property of your choice, full property description data, and your name and contact information. Then we direct you in posting your short text VIDEO on YOUTUBE, a massive social media channel with over one billion users! If you are not aware, YOUTUBE is the second-most popular search engine after GOOGLE, that 62% of businesses use as a channel to post video content.

A digital VIDEO will give you more visibility to attract online Leads, create a professional online representation, show featured properties, and give you a chance to recommend fresh online solutions. The SHORT PROPERTY VIDEO is optimized to be viewed on smart phones, tablets, or any electronic device. Short VIDEOS are extremely trendy and will not only capture a browser’s approval, but also GOOGLE’S, the world’s biggest SEO engine that decides where to send local RE seekers!

Another feature of this promo-bundle is valuable online marketing information. You will learn one effective marketing tactic complete with a proven subject line, mesmerizing text, and solicitation modes that reach, engage, and convert prospects! You will be shown how to connect with real estate potential in your Farming Area, learn what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. You could be the first REA in your town with stealth online marketing savvy!

The REAL ESTATE AGENTS VIDEO PROMO© has a technical value of over $1,700 dollars but is available to you today for the low cost of only $649 dollars! All online marketing information and links worth $1,051 dollars comes FREE with it! A SHORT PROPERTY VIDEO alone costs $579 dollars making this promo-combo a block buster steal! But it is a time-limited promotion so you must take immediate action before the campaign closes!

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But wait! There is more! Subsequently, if you purchase the promo through this website today, we will gift you the following BONUSES:

  1. One Texting Marketing Technique that gets double whammy Leads!
  2. Information and steps to a 4th effective Online public profile!
  3. A very hot traffic source to expose your name and services!

Yes, we will introduce you to a secret marketing technique to reach potential clients through simultaneous Texting! And if that was not enough, we will tell you how to connect with one of the most trending wellsprings to expose your services! If you are starting to sweat the techie stuff, please DON’T, because this tutorial will direct you through the entire process! Sweetest of all, you will not have to pay out one single dime! But you must hurry if you want to beat your competitors at contacting prospects in your Farming Area… prospects with money in hand that are waiting to pick up the phone!

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REAL ESTATE AGENTS VIDEO PROMO© – $649 one-time promotional cost

Requires up to 10 workdays.

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