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Requires up to 10 workdays

There is a key role digital marketing plays in the RE Industry, and real estate agents must acknowledge its significance. Since the Internet is today’s methodology for exposing brands and services, it is where most real estate agents go to find Marketing Consultation and Leads. The number one item all real estate agents need are Prospective Client Leads… making thousands of agents Internet Lead Dependent. Meaning they are only as good as their next Internet lead. And when the lead-flow stop… their commissions stop. And worst, real estate agents have started to seek out alternative methods going back to the basics of billboards, ads on Radio, and TV commercials they know have skyrocketed and making the competition in their local markets costly and too congested to gain any traction.

To compete in this dog-eat-dog scenario real estate agents, need affordable ongoing Leads, but they also require Online Marketing knowledge! Unfortunately, Marketing Consulting fees, software, and alive Leads are too costly to purchase. Consequently, there is now stagnation within the real estate industry from which thousands of real estate agents are struggling. And they will continue to scuffle because they…

  1. Lack online marketing knowledge
  2. Do not have digital marketing tools
  3. Do not know the marketing platforms full of trustworthy Leads

Further, Google is the biggest search engine in cyber space that at the present is only sending real estate prospects to Public Profiles and Enhanced Websites, that are Google ranked and have Positive Reviews. That fact alone can sink a grappling agent since most do not even own a Google Optimized Website! The good news is we have a lifeline exclusively for sinking agents we titled…


This program is an Email Digital Marketing Process comprised of thirteen pages. It combines One Potent Marketing Tool with Three Massive Prospect Pools… FREE Prospects. Once set up, this 10-day Digital Process can turn an average agent into an unstoppable deploying machine in otherwise stiff competitive markets! Best of all, computer skills are not a requirement because our technicians do the set up and direct each step in an easy-to-follow consecutive order.

Here is a Peek at What this Marketing Type Can Do for A Real Estate Agent:

  1. Be the very first Agent with an impressive Method of Online Marketing.
  2. Shown where to find real estate prospects within Specified Media and Districts.
  3. Learn the solicitation eye-catching Subject Heading and Sub-heading – that guarantees message opening the minute it arrives!
  4. Know the magical Opening Line that will motivate prospects into response action!
  5. Know the strategic lead churning Script in all its glory that gets prospects to pick up the phone!
  6. Know why this phycological Text will drive clients and boost your value as the go-to agent!
  7. Know the fastest, most effective, and Free Contact Modes.
  8. Know What to say, How to say it, and When to say it: in any media, the right lingo is imperative.
  9. Know why harnessing this marketing combo has an advantage over competitors!

We are not one of those online mega lead vendors that are after large markets. In fact, we prefer to let local real estate agents gain the profits of this promo. We are introducing the REAL ESTATE AGENT ENHANCED WEBSITE PROMO© as a period promotional, available only to one-hundred real estate agents throughout the nation. We can tell you this trending market reach will give one real estate agent a phenomenal sales advantage over thousands of others! We are only just launching this groundbreaking opportunity, making you one of the first in line! However, not with traditional campaigns but with a two-tool market strategy that will capture the market share in real estate. Once your clients know the sheer power of your tactic, it will automatically blow away the biggest barrier to closing the sale…Your Prospect’s Human Tendency to Procrastinate!

Peek again at what this Combo provides:

  1. Step-by-step direction within an effective, trending, marketing tactic
  2. Bring FREE, fresh, ongoing real estate prospects leads
  3. Simple steps to open three online marketing accounts that will funnel Free leads
  4. Set up with an Enhanced Website that’s Google ranked and connected to Free prospect pools
  5. Disclose solicitation modes that make direct contact with real estate prospects
  6. Reveals the perfect solicitation text to engage and convert prospects
  7. Gives effective words to speak directly to potential callers
  8. Be the agent within the district using stealth marketing maneuvers
  9. Be the only real estate agent within the district regularly deploying
  10. Beat other agents at dominating district ‘Farming Areas’
  11. Become the most sought-after real estate agent within the district
  12. Stop Internet dependance for leads and outdated tactics
  13. Get out of the current RE stagnation
  14. Survive the pandemic, inflation, and excessive costs of the Internet
  15. Prevent quitting the RE Industry

These Online Marketing benefits are in our REAL ESTATE AGENT ENHANCED WEBSITE PROMO©, an easy-to-follow Digital Marketing program, designed expressly for real estate agents. This promo, which is worth over $4,900 dollars, is available only to one-hundred agents for the one-time low price of $999! That alone is the total cost of an Enhanced Website… all marketing features valued over $900 dollars come FREE with it! But this opportunity is time sensitive, and limited to only one-hundred local real estate agents throughout the U.S. Today, you can be one of the limited count of agents that will utilize a digital real estate system that defies the opposing forces of the present economy!

Here is how you get the Promo:

  1. Click the Enhanced Website button in the category section above.
  2. After you purchase an Enhanced Website, You will automatically become a member of the REAL ESTATE AGENT ENHANCED WEBSITE PROMO©.
  3. Our techs will immediately begin the 10-day Email Digital Marketing Process with you.

Realistically, all you are paying for is the low cost of an Enhanced Website that you should already own to compete against local competitors. By purchasing an Enhanced Website, we give you valuable marketing features worth $900 dollars for FREE! But again, this is a select few, time-sensitive promotional, so you must hurry to get in! Once you get this magical marketing combo in your hands, you will quickly see it as a once in a lifetime marketing advantage… that was just the break you needed! That ‘sinking’ feeling in your gut can stop if you grab ahold of this lifeline! The worst thing you could do is pass it on to a competitor!


Requires up to 10 workdays.

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