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There are a key role digital marketing plays in the RE Industry, and smart real estate agents must acknowledge its significance. Since the Internet is today’s methodology for exposing brands and services, it is where most real estate agents go to find marketing methods and leads. The numero uno item all agents need and are scrambling to obtain, are Prospective Client Leads… making thousands of agents Internet lead dependent. Meaning they are only as good as their next Internet leads. And when the lead-flow stop… their commissions stop. And worst, real estate agents have started to seek out alternative methods going back to the basics of billboards, ads on Radio, and TV commercials they know have skyrocketed and making the competition in their local markets costly and too congested to gain any traction…

There are two markets in the Real Estate Industry – The Home Buyers and the Home Sellers. The Buyer’s market typically tips in favor of the Home Buyer, not the Home Seller. Small towns are typically a Home Buyers’ market. Even though local areas sometimes shift to a balanced market, it is mostly in favor of buyers. That enables Home Buyers to have more power to negotiate on price, and Home Sellers must come down to the Home Buyers’ price offering in a HOME BUYER’S market. Right? It is simply a supply and demand equation. If there are more listings, more inventory, and thus more options, obviously, the equation favors the Home Buyers. At the present time, home sellers have the advantage over home buyers. Empowering home sellers to command higher prices, refuse to pay for repairs, dictate their own closing dates, and pick from a litter of offers from competing home buyers driving their selling price out the roof! Meaning that real estate agents working for home buyers are having to:
1) Show more homes than they have ever shown before to find a home seller that will accept their offer out of a sea of other offers!
2) Work longer hours, push more paper, and be at the absolute mercy of home sellers and home seller’s agents.

To compete in this dog-eat-dog scenario home buyer real estate agents not only need affordable, marketing direction, but hundreds of hot leads as well! Unfortunately, marketing consulting fees, software, and alive leads are too costly to obtain. Consequently, there is now a stagnation within the real estate industry. And yet, today the real estate market is not like any other market ever seen! During the real estate boom back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s ‘Experts’ said that real estate agents would never feel the highs of that boom again! But check it out! In hundreds of areas throughout the nation real estate is appreciating at triple the rate seen back then! Homes are selling for $20k above, $50k above, $100k above what the home seller initially priced the home for!

Even so, thousands of real estate agents are struggling because they cannot step-up their game with effective marketing methods, tools, trustworthy leads, nor explicit platforms! Further still, Google is the biggest search engine in cyber space that at the present is only sending browsing real estate prospects to public profiles and websites that are Google ranked and have positive reviews! That stat alone is enough to crush a struggling agent since most do not own a Google ranked, Enhanced Website! As the idiom says, ‘Desperate times call for Desperate measures.’ The good news is we have a lifeline for these sinking agents! It is the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM©, a step-by-step marketing program for real estate agents that uses one advertising asset of the past, an old tactic with a new killer angle. At the beginning of its process, an agent is set up with major digital tools linked to pools of FREE clients that are eager to act with money in hand! The strategized procedure then connects agents with prospects by use of the mystery text that contacts, motivates and converts! And it is realty-user-friendly because every minute detail involved in real estate is in it!

Once in motion the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM©, nonconventional rapidity will continue to gain momentum and send ongoing traffic directly to an agent’s desk! Not to mention the hot leads we will be sending for the initial three months! Within a brief period, this system can turn average agents into unstoppable deploying machines in otherwise stiff competitive markets! Best of all, you do not need tech skills because our techs, will set you up and direct each step in consecutive order.

Here is a peek of what this marketing type can do for a real estate agent:
• Be the very first Agent with this impressive new method of ‘covetous’ marketing.
• Shown where to find real estate prospects within specified districts.
• Know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it: in any media, the right approach lingo is imperative.
• Know why using the right lingo converts prospects into action!
• Know the exact text to use and the best strategic-sized ad modes.
• Know the astonishing lead churning mail script in all its glory that gets prospects to pick up the phone.
• Understand how this potent text will drive clients and boost your value as the go-to agent!
• Learn the eye-catching Subject Line – that guarantee! es message opening the minute it arrives!
• Know the magic Opening Line that will get prospects hooked!
• Understand why harnessing this marketing strategy has advantage over competitors!

This marketing angle is revolutionary, and so different we believe a smaller count of agents to be a good fit. We are not one of those online mega lead vendors that are after large markets, so we prefer to let local real estate agents gain the profits. We are, in fact, introducing the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM© as a period promotional, available only to two-hundred agents. So certain are its converting abilities we will give the first two-hundred responders, a FREE Enhanced Website to do the job fittingly! We are only just launching this groundbreaking opportunity, making you one of the first in line to discover it! We can tell you this radical reach will give one real estate agent phenomenal sales advantage over hundreds of others! However, not with the usual campaigns but, with a two data points strategy that will capture the market-share in real estate. Two data points that will light a fire under the feet of real estate prospects and make them pick up the phone and beg YOU to be their agent! Once your clients know the sheer power of what you will deploy, it will automatically blow away the biggest barrier to closing the sale…Your Prospect’s Human Tendency to Procrastinate!

Peek again at what it can do:
• Keep you from quitting the RE Industry
• Get you out of the current RE stagnation
• Stop depending on Internet leads and outdated tactics
• Direct you with a radical marketing tactic with strategic action plans
• Make you be the first agent in your town using stealth marketing maneuvers
• Show you how to target and hook prospects ready for action with ready money in hand
• Bring you fresh ongoing and converting leads
• Give you an Enhanced Website that’s Google ranked and connected to social media
• Connect with anxious prospects and bring them directly to your desk
• Teach you stealth lingo, text, and tell you the right, affordable media modes
• Show you how to slip in under real estate prospect’s radar and remain hidden in their subconscious
• Make you the only real estate agent in your town deploying
• Help you beat other agents at dominating your ‘Farmers Areas’
• Help you become the most sought-after real estate agent in your areas

All these benefits are in the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM©, an easy-to-follow marketing process designed expressly for real estate agents. In this present climate we are introducing it as a limited promotional offered only to two-hundred real estate agents. You will not only be one of a select few, but also a pioneer of a new, revolutionary, real estate system that defies the opposing forces of our present economy!

Check out these dynamite features:
• 2 Power-punch Real Estate Marketing Tactics – $499 value
• A Personal Enhanced Website that’s Google ranked with connections to – $849 value & up
• Connection of public profile to your Personal Enhanced Website – $139 value
• Stealth Lingo to contact, attract, hook and close buying prospects – $229 value
• Unlimited Free RE Prospects Traffic – $499 value
• 5 Monthly RE Prospect Leads for initial 3 months – $599 value
• 3 Strategic Text Headings and Body Text for Emails – $279 value
• 3 Converting Text Headings and Body Text for Postcards – $229 value
• Inside information on the role of social media and real estate and how to use their platforms – $199 value
• Information on the best media modes and how & when to use them – $199 value
• Step by step directives from our techs through our website address – $699 value

This market notion is as transfixing as you are hearing it described! You must take our word for it when we say it will be highly compelling to your clients… blow them out of the water captivating! But it is an evolving idea, so it will not be long before all agents find out about it! Right now, this promo, which is well worth over $4,000, is available only to two-hundred agents for the low price of $1,599! It is a limited promotional so due to this we are giving out a FREE Enhanced Website as an incentive to quickly secure these agents and start deploying! But you must take immediate action because once this type of program goes public, it will become expensive and extremely competitive!

Subsequently, if you purchase the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM© through this website before July 31, 2022, we will give you a FREE Enhanced Website as a special bonus! Our websites cost $849 and come loaded with Google ranking, optimization, positive reviews, and direct links to FREE leads! We are gifting the Enhanced Website to make this offer affordable for you and because it is a major, digital marketing tool you will need to prove this disruptive marketing process…

Your name will be your website’s name i.e., John Doe Real Estate, and seen right smack on its front page! We will post photos of any real estate properties you want, photos of you, with a page to boast about your tours or sales, list hot properties you want to move quickly and more! Our techs will link your Enhanced Website to public profiles a long with five positive reviews Google will like! You better believe you will be adding SOLD clients’ testimonies to it before long! If all this was not already a winning bundle, you will also receive five FREE real estate blogs clients will appreciate reading!

Listen, all entrepreneurs are struggling in this present economy. Presently, we are trying to help real estate agents remain in the RE game. We are sure you have been working hard to build a good reputation, but you have been pushing against a denied recession, rising inflation, a global pandemic, and the high marketing costs of the Internet! There is a way for an agent to get a marked edge in this existent, competitive industry and it is the STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROGRAM©. With its right-on combination of effective marketing tactics, state-of-the-arts digital tools, and the guidance of our techs during the entire process, you will watch your local reputation and sales go off the chart! You really can become THE real estate agent within your district that is contacting and signing up new leads with little more effort than handing them a pen! Once you have this magical formula in your hands, you will quickly see why this very affordable, once in a lifetime marketing package, is just the break you were needing! The worst thing you could do is not act upon it… or attempt to do it yourself!

STEPPING-IT-UP REA PROMGRAM© – $1,599 one-time promotional cost

Requires up to 10 workdays.

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