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Content Marketing is the foundation of Digital Marketing. It enables SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing. You cannot have Digital Marketing without having Content. Content Marketing involves the creation and posting of online blogs, videos, infographics, reviews, and articles. Digital Compositions are more than just a showcase of a company’s products and services. It is a long-term strategy that uses digital layouts to capture a browser’s attention, has audio or video imagery that engages viewers, has blogs, or articles that create trust which leads to purchasing. Gone are the days of formal business speaking and minimal Content. Today’s consumers desire a more casual business experience like reading Blogs, Commentaries, and Reviews on services and products they are seeking. In fact, 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through Reportage rather than speaking with a live person. Having informative Content on your website keeps visitors engaged with your company longer and prevents them from turning to a competitor. A website’s Content is intended to create interest in a particular topic related to your service or product; but not explicitly promoting a brand. Never underestimate the strategic purpose of Content Marketing and how it can benefit your business.